I have an eating problem, there I said it

2 Aug

When I do eat its usually a large meal at the end of the day because I am busy and then I get snacky because I haven’t eaten properly and I snack late in the evening.  The problem being I eat till I am full and then when that it wears down I snack, therefore not really burning any calories and carrying all this excess fat on me, blarg!

So how do I change this?

I want to make an online food journal.  I want to chronicle my needs, wants, and missteps. Oh and I know there will be missteps! However, that is the best part I want to come to terms with how I eat, the good and the bad, this is my first goal.

My next goal is exercise. Oh and to say I have lost the motivation for exercise is an understatement. Let’s be honest I have become so lethargic, I remember thinking when I first moved into my apartment, “Oh they have a gym!.” I have probably used it a totally of 2 weeks in a 2 year period.  To find motivation is my next big step.  Raise your hand now if you have gone to the virtual self-creator and made that digital doppelganger of yourself with your current weight and then your goal weight. Yup that’s me, I’ve done that about 100 times now.  Its funny how the digital me carries my weight better too.

My next step is establishing my goals: My ideal weight, lets say between 120 – 130 lbs for my height. Dress size, between a  4 – 6.  So that puts me at losing 100 lbs. WOW yea I never thought that I would be 100 lbs over weight, just focusing on that number makes me ask myself, Why?

A big challenge for me would be finding a proper gym, so exercise wise running around on the sidewalk would probably be my best bet. My goal is to exercise at least 30 minutes a day 5 times a week.


My biggest challenge is being accountable for my actions.  What I eat, when I eat, and when I exercise. My motto: “Don’t be a beanpole – be healthy!”


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