23 Aug

No wonder our body image is so messed up today, with society saying we should be stick thin while the reality is much healthier and realistic.

I want to talk about strength & motivation. I never really found motivation from magazines, waif thin models that look like they haven’t eaten, I just couldn’t relate to that. There is a difference from being thin to being healthy and slim. What did inspire me were movies, people who looked fit and healthy. Those seemed more tangible to me. I knew I would never be rail thin, so I could never relate to those really skinny models. I could relate though to someone who was fit, slim and looked happy. So let’s face it, what motivates me? I’ve been to the sites and I have looked up which celebrity is my height and similar build (from what I could tell from a picture.) Then I would see them on film and think; okay this is tangible for me. I can relate to this person. It’s not at all about changing who I am or becoming someone else. It’s about finding that common place, finding that image that inspires you, motivates you to become what YOU want to be. Making yourself into what makes you happy.

Don’t Fear Change 

Change is scary AND good! It’s not easy, if it was easy then everyone would be at their ideal weight. So before we can make healthy changes we have to ask Why?

  • Why do I want to make these changes?
  • What do I need to do to make these changes?
  • When would I like to make my goal a reality?

Yes I have been through the ringer, I’ve marked off endless “goal dates” on tons of calendars in my lifetime. Yea here I am, unchanged, goal not attained. The reason? Simply I didn’t stick to my guns, I wasn’t accountable like I should be. I take full responsibility and there is no shame in that.

So what did I do today to help me get to my goals? I bought a head of lettuce; baby carrots and sugar snap peas. I also bought salad dressing and I snuck in croutons.

Don’t Fear Croutons! – Changing Eating Habits Food really isn’t the enemy, even the bad stuff. However food in the wrong hands makes it the enemy. You can eat junk food each day – but not a whole bag of it. It’s moderation that is key, yes yes, everyone has said this before and I am sure I can feel your eye roll at this moment. I went by the whole size of your fist per meal; this only works if you eat 5 smalls meals day. So one of my goals is to change how and when I eat. Essentially the right way to eat is 5 meals a days, small ones, spaced out anywhere from 2-3 hours between each meal. This way you are never hungry and this eliminates the drive to binge eat or eat a meal that is too large in one sitting. Now I can sit here and rattle off story after story of “our society makes us fat.” That’s really not true, its us who don’t make healthy choices and over eat or eat too much of a bad thing that makes us this way. Again, I take responsibility. Taco Bell did not hold me down and say eat our delicious burritos OR else – nor did any other fast food establishment. It was we, instead of sampling the bad we dove head first into it. We openly super sized that meal, we fell for the Dollar Menus. Yup those places are only in business because so many people are getting their daily meals from there. Fast food is really meant to be fast when you just don’t have time, once in a while.


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