Learning To NOT Eat Until Your Full

15 Sep

Remember your body takes 20 minutes to feel its full

You should only eat until you are not hungry anymore, when you eat until your stomach hurts – you’ve eaten too much.  Hence this is why eating 5 meals a day is key –if your constantly eating you won’t be hungry and if you are constantly putting food into your body it raises your metabolism. When your metabolism is high, then you burn fat faster (just like running on a treadmill). Eating 5 meals a day may sound like cake (mm cake haha) but really it’s harder than you think.

Food is the fuel for you body. Think of food like gasoline for you car. You put gas in your car to make it run – the same goes for food. If you constantly run your car on fumes then fill it up when it is about to be out of fuel then its harder on your car. The same goes for you body. When your body feels starved then you burn muscle rather than fat, because your body jumps into survival mode and basically starts to cannibalize itself because it’s starving.

Even though life can be busy, we should never be to busy to grab a bite to eat. Even if its an apple or banana.

Also, always sit down to eat. This may seem like a minor, ignorable thing. However sitting down forces you to eat slower, and to take your time eating. If your eating 5 smalls meals a day it may seem like your eating really fast or its not enough food, but it is! Sitting down forces us to take it easy, enjoy our food and eat slower. NOM NOM NOM

Remember: Avoid getting seconds! If you’re eating 5 meals a day then stick to it, eating seconds can throw off the balance of your food intake.  Keep in mind that your stomach has elasticity.  Meaning it can go smaller or larger. So when you get too much your stomach expands but the less you eat at once sitting then your stomach starts going back to it normal shape.  You have the power to make the change, just because your overweight does not mean you have to be like that forever, you can change this!


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