Exercise VS Lethargy

20 Sep

What do you do when you get home? When is your YOU time? What do you really look forward to each day? Me? I love movies, I love reading I love just relaxing. The problem is too much relaxation and not enough movement can cause your body to become lazy. It important to be conscious of what you do each day. Do you work at a desk all day? Do you sit at a computer all day? Even though we may have a ton of things on our plates things like sitting at a desk all day and then coming home to only sit again add to a sedentary lifestyle. That’s why it is important even to set aside 30 minutes each day to exercise.  So you ask yourself, what is your best time to work out?

  •     Getting up early before going to work to workout?
  •     Working out during a lunch break?
  •     Working out after you leave work, so you can relax afterwards?
  •     Or working out in the evening just before bed?

The biggest secret here?  Make time to workout, no more excuses make it happen!

I will also admit, I don’t work out. I use to and I know the results I achieved. But now, I simply have trouble finding the motivation to go.  I bought the Wii Fit and the balance board, I used it for a week, and in a drawer it sits. I bought dumb bells, I use them every now and then, but again in a drawer it sits.  Maybe their sleeping  ;P


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