1 Oct

Whether you have an iPod, MP3 Player, a cell phone, or your rockin’ a Walkman. Music is such a motivator. Once I get on that treadmill all my excuses melt away when I put on some good music. My music of choice?

Getting started:

For getting my adrenaline up I go for dancey, high bass pop tracks. I admit it Britney, Lady Gaga and Christina are all great for getting you going. Pretty much anything top 40 Pop will do the trick.

Pump it Up:

If I need to challenge myself more I pop on some heavy rock like Metallica or Rammstein. This to me is ideal for i really need to challenge myself while lifting weights, doing presses or any type of leg curl.

Cool down:

Enya – if I am completely done working out. Or slower pop ballads if I plan on going over to get a drink or walking around for a moment. Believe it or not Celine Dion or Leona Lewis are great for low impact working out, very melodic and by the time you done singing the song you have been working out for 3 minutes solid on your arms!

The cool thing about listening to music while working out is that if you really listen to something you enjoy you can get lost in the music and the workout comes and goes just like that. Perhaps make it goal to work out to half a Britney album (if you like Britney) then work up to working out through an entire album. On average there are 12 tracks on an album and they can run about 3 minutes a piece, that’s a 36 minute workout right there!

I am definitely one of those people whose minds goes to 20 different things while they are working out, so its important to me that if I don’t have music then I will watch whats one T.V. See watching T.V. can be healthy! Most gym come equipped with televisions so pop on your guilty pleasure of Jersey Shore (you its true), maybe some of Housewives and make it goal to work out the entire episode – right there that can be an hour :).

So ask yourself, what music really gets you going? If you sing to it in the car or the shower then perhaps working out to it is the next logical step!


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