Taking a Friend to Workout – Even a 4 Legged One!

10 Dec

I am a HUGE animal lover. Animals to me are like children, they are smart, protective, and are uber cuties! Depending on the temperature it is outside and the temperament of your four-legged friend, a good way to do some exercise without realizing it is to take them for an extended walk.   Try a dog park, a park, or even a stroll down your neighborhood sidewalk. Take another friend too. You have to walk your little one anyways, so make it a 20 minute walk rather than a 2 minute one. Take some music along too you never know how fast time can fly when your having fun! If you live in a apartment complex that doesn’t have a park (shame on them!) but try walking around or through the entire complex.

Bring a two legged friend to join you too!

Walking and talking burns a lot of calories and gets you in shape too, its slow to moderate steady movements. Even if your friend scoffs at the idea and they don’t want to “workout” just say your taking you dog for a walk and be consistant. Trust me nothing speaks louder than words than when someone actually sees you following through… you never know, you may inspire someone without even realizing it.

Bring a friend or your significant other - you won't even notice the time or the pounds as they melt away 😉


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