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Fat Days – I Poke My Spork at You!

20 Jan

I have those days, those days where you wake up go to the mirror put on what you’ve worn 100 times before, and then for some inexplicable reason you say, “I look so fat today.” However this isn’t like normal I’m fat day move one,  but instead you don’t want to go out at all day. Your confidence is low you even start to dissect how you look from the side, from straight on and, OH GOD, from behind…the bane of your existence.

I have forced myself to go out to, knowing that I was having an off day.  Faking myself into acting nice, as if I am having the best day ever! When I am not. I just end those days feeling so fake and deflated.


Don’t Judge Yourself, Love Yourself and Others:

20 Jan

Have you ever been in a bakery section of a grocery store or in an actual bakery or donut shop and thought, wow are they judging me? I have had that feeling. Even if I was just looking I have felt like someone was watching me. This could all be in the back of my head of course, and it could be me projecting my insecurities onto others.  So unless someone actually came up to me and said something, I wouldn’t know. But I do the next best thing, if I find someone’s glance lingering I say something witty like, “I wish I could get them all “ or I talk about the weather.  To me bringing humor into a situation it can calm it, breaks that tension in the air.

I have also encountered people could even if you say hi to them, run off as if you were going to steal their first born child or something. People watching is an interesting thing, you learn so much about the human aesthetic and it’s a great way to get out. Either shopping or taking a book, its interesting how many things you pick up on and then you wonder to yourself – “Wow did anyone else just see that too?” It’s important to take a moment and appreciate things.  We are so busy running around, just concerned about money or food that we don’t take the time to actually take a deep breath.  I admit I am guilty of it too, I’ve rushed into places thinking I have to get this and this and jet home. I am guilty of not taking the time to stop; look around and think about how big the world really is and how small I am in it.  There is so much more out there than me, and it may seem scary to say, “I am insignificant” but its not that.  It important to realize that I am significant that my voice does matter and so does everyone else’s. You may seem small but just being there in that moment can change so much, just breath, take a step back and enjoy. Relish everything around you because one day you will wish you had that moment back.

DIET – The Four Letter Word

12 Jan

I don’t like the word DIET. People hear diet and they think, to deny, unrelenting, restrict. That really isn’t the case. Diet is really referring to the overall context of what and how you eat. It hasn’t been until recently that some people have turned it into a 4 letter word.  I use diet in the context to eat, but you should never deny yourself.  Even eating healthy you can still have a cupcake, just don’t eat 2 cupcakes,  be reasonable and balance it out. You have 5 meals a day and one of them you sacrifice for a cupcake – then do it.  Just remember you will need to work out a little harder – but you know it will be worth it. J

If it helps – give yourself one cheat day a week. Its important not to deny yourself otherwise let’s face it you, you won’t stick to eating right.  No matter how strong you are it is hard to sit in a restaurant and think okay only salad but then you watch as a slim pretty thing eats a piece of cake – you know you’ve seen it. You know you’ve thought it.  You then turn to the menu and say, that’s it, and you order your usual knowing how bad it is.  But then you regret it later.  You never know though, put yourself in the person’s shoes. What if that was THEIR cheat day, what if that person had just lost a lot of weight. What if they worked out extra hard on the treadmill and that was them rewarding their self. Perhaps they were you a year ago…you just never know and you can never assume or compare yourself to anyone. You are you; they are them. Trust me you may not believe it but perhaps someone is watching you wishing they were you? It may seem odd; it may seem unlikely but what if? What would you say to them? Are they crazy? Or perhaps they see in you what you just saw in that person eating the piece of cake, something truly rewarding and special, a person who will enjoy that piece of cake knowing that they earned it.

Farmer’s Market = Yummy homemade goodness

So yea I love Farmer’s Markets. Especially the little hole in the wall ones that are like little treasure chests of awesome. Some of the veggies can be more expensive than a grocery store chain, but they make up for it in other ways. Like nuts, wow nuts are expensive! A can of nuts can set you back about $7 – $10 in most places.  Nuts are a great source of the GOOD fats you should eat. It’s a good fat because it is natural. That’s why I say don’t deny yourself completely, the body needs sugar, good fats, protein, veggies all the essentials, in order to function properly. Saying no to all sugar for instance can make you over eat something later on. Even fruits have natural sugars in them. So make yourself a list:

Natural Sugars (ex: Apples, Sugar Cane, Honey)

GOOD Fats (Almonds, Walnuts, Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

Protein (Beans, Tofu, Meats, Fish)

Veggies (Whatever is in season – experiment and try something new!)

A great little recipe is my homemade Pico, they is a great and simple recipe especially if your looking to test out your local farmers market goods.

Big Girl’s Homemade Pico

Roma Tomatoes

Yellow or White Onion

Lime Juice

Sea Salt


Compliment on a homemade tacos OR with your beverage of choice.

I’m a Vegan – So Why Am I Fat?!

2 Jan

At 16 I made a decision, I was tired of being over weight and I am an animal lover so I quit eating meat one day cold turkey (hehe pun) and have never looked back since. When I first began being Vegan my weight became more manageable, and I really did lose weight. However I noticed that I needed to balance exercise along with it. Balance is key here, eating right and working out. There is really no way around this.

So why am I fat then?

Because I stopped working out, I did not eat proper meals and I did not eat 5 meals a day. I simply put more food in than I was burning off. There is no simple fix to this; I have stopped working out and fallen into bad habits. I need to be conscious of these bad habits and realize what my weakness is and know that I need to change them for the better. Just because you are Vegan it is not a golden ticket, you can still not eat properly on a Vegan, Vegetarian, ANY diet, there are still sweets, carbs, fats all types of things. Even most junk food is Vegan technically like potato chips, various candies and a number of cheese style foods are really synthetic cheese flavorings and contain no milk. Being Vegan is not an auto fix – it is a start to eating right though. You just have to be strong and remember BALANCE.

Eating 5 small meals a day with a healthy fitness regime, and spacing the meals out to every 3 -4 hours. When I sit and about it I was eating 5 meals a day  (this includes snacks) and not losing but gaining. I especially noticed this when I lost my job. Just sitting and not adjusting my eating habits for my lifestyle OR working out no wonder my body started “preparing for winter” year around!


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