I’m a Vegan – So Why Am I Fat?!

2 Jan

At 16 I made a decision, I was tired of being over weight and I am an animal lover so I quit eating meat one day cold turkey (hehe pun) and have never looked back since. When I first began being Vegan my weight became more manageable, and I really did lose weight. However I noticed that I needed to balance exercise along with it. Balance is key here, eating right and working out. There is really no way around this.

So why am I fat then?

Because I stopped working out, I did not eat proper meals and I did not eat 5 meals a day. I simply put more food in than I was burning off. There is no simple fix to this; I have stopped working out and fallen into bad habits. I need to be conscious of these bad habits and realize what my weakness is and know that I need to change them for the better. Just because you are Vegan it is not a golden ticket, you can still not eat properly on a Vegan, Vegetarian, ANY diet, there are still sweets, carbs, fats all types of things. Even most junk food is Vegan technically like potato chips, various candies and a number of cheese style foods are really synthetic cheese flavorings and contain no milk. Being Vegan is not an auto fix – it is a start to eating right though. You just have to be strong and remember BALANCE.

Eating 5 small meals a day with a healthy fitness regime, and spacing the meals out to every 3 -4 hours. When I sit and about it I was eating 5 meals a day  (this includes snacks) and not losing but gaining. I especially noticed this when I lost my job. Just sitting and not adjusting my eating habits for my lifestyle OR working out no wonder my body started “preparing for winter” year around!



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