Don’t Judge Yourself, Love Yourself and Others:

20 Jan

Have you ever been in a bakery section of a grocery store or in an actual bakery or donut shop and thought, wow are they judging me? I have had that feeling. Even if I was just looking I have felt like someone was watching me. This could all be in the back of my head of course, and it could be me projecting my insecurities onto others.  So unless someone actually came up to me and said something, I wouldn’t know. But I do the next best thing, if I find someone’s glance lingering I say something witty like, “I wish I could get them all “ or I talk about the weather.  To me bringing humor into a situation it can calm it, breaks that tension in the air.

I have also encountered people could even if you say hi to them, run off as if you were going to steal their first born child or something. People watching is an interesting thing, you learn so much about the human aesthetic and it’s a great way to get out. Either shopping or taking a book, its interesting how many things you pick up on and then you wonder to yourself – “Wow did anyone else just see that too?” It’s important to take a moment and appreciate things.  We are so busy running around, just concerned about money or food that we don’t take the time to actually take a deep breath.  I admit I am guilty of it too, I’ve rushed into places thinking I have to get this and this and jet home. I am guilty of not taking the time to stop; look around and think about how big the world really is and how small I am in it.  There is so much more out there than me, and it may seem scary to say, “I am insignificant” but its not that.  It important to realize that I am significant that my voice does matter and so does everyone else’s. You may seem small but just being there in that moment can change so much, just breath, take a step back and enjoy. Relish everything around you because one day you will wish you had that moment back.


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