Breakdowns and Target Heart Rates

23 Feb

So I had a pretty rough last few months, compounded by a nervous breakdown and now; financial issues…oh whoa is me right? Turning back a few months ago, I thought I had a legitimate job offer in another state so I uprooted myself, my fiancé and all my four legged kids then I traveled away only to find out there was no job. Bare in mind this was something that took 6 months to plan  – it was hardly on a whim. But long story short things happen for a reason I believe that but I also believe that you can’t use that as an excuse, were given challenges to overcome and those in turn help us grow. That being said and faced with living in our car we stayed with relatives which in itself was a journey which resulted in me one night just breaking down under the stress and having an anxiety attack.  Several attacks actually; over a period of time, so I returned to where I came from.  Yet as much as I miss my fiancé and my fur babies at the same time a realization comes over you, sometimes you just need that distance to sort out what needs to be done. So that is what I am trying to do. I have a few bills still remaining because we ran out of  our savings completely so other than going on interviews like crazy and applying for jobs I am also just biding my time until an offer comes my way.

I also have started working out again! Oh and does it feel GREAT! I lost touch with myself it seems I was so consumed by the desperate situation we had fallen into. We were living in a hotel because NOTHING worked out like we planned. They even had a gym at the hotel we stayed at but it was covered in black mold because some type of leak that was never corrected. Yes we stayed in one of “those” hotels. Trying to hide animals in a hotel like that isn’t as easy as one would think, but my animals are like my children.

So while staying in this hotel and running through our savings like it was water exploding out of a facet, I applied for every job I could – even a pizza delivery driver. A job is a job I am not judging – but yet nothing.  We finally ran out of money and had to call in a few favors just to drive to our relatives place. Now where they lived was pretty much a farm with no surrounding area to speak of.  To say I was out of my element would be an understatement, and what I think was a major catalyst for my breakdown.  I just felt like I failed utterly, with myself, my family, my fur babies with everything.

My point with this is that we push on, move forward and stand tall. There is always “another way.”  We may not like it, it may take longer than we want but it will be worth it in the end. That being said…me working out again!

So I started my regime again. I am in a spot where I can get to a gym, which is exciting.  So I am starting baby steps because it’s been a while since I’ve really given it my all.  I start with cardio, treadmill or ski machine.

Secrets some Personal Trainers try keep from you

Here’s a secret about the treadmill that I have actually seen some trainers not tell their clients. Why? Well to be honest some are very unscrupulous; not all of them; but some can be and will try to get a few extra sessions out of you but that is for a different blog post so I digress– it’s all about the incline not the speed on the treadmill. That’s the BIG secret! You will work and burn much more fat by going a steady brisk pace and increasing your incline than you would running your butt off for an hour.

Now I am not knocking running your butt off, but unless your training for a serious triathlon then your more than likely risking injury than actually getting into shape.  It just isn’t necessary.

Here is another secret too – if you do Cardio before your weight or machine training you will melt the fat off crazy faster then just doing the weights without Cardio. The reason? Your heart rate is up, your body is warmed up, and it’s in its “Fat Burning” mode.

The target heart rate you see on machines isn’t just there for decoration. It tells you based on your age and weight; an approximate heart rate you need to achieve in order to burn off fat. That heart rate is the beats per minute that your body is pumping. When you hit a certain number your body switches to fat burning mode and thus that’s the key time you want to get on those weights OR increase your incline while brisk walking on the treadmill – whichever your regime is.  Getting to your target heart rate is the key to getting your body into kicking the fat Richard Simmons style!  Also keep in mind when you work out your body releases endorphins – your bodies natural HAPPY pills. So even if you’re having a crap day or last few months like me, it’s like euphoria for your psyche after a good workout. So skip the processed chocolate at the store and get on the treadmill instead. Or you could go for a brisk walk around your favorite mall, perhaps around the neighborhood but don’t forget to get those heart rates up!

Find your Target Heart Rate here:


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