From my first blog post:

I created a blog to help me with my weight struggles, to bring focus to my goals and perhaps if I am really lucky inspire others on their journey. I am 28 years old, female, 5’5 and 230 lbs. Wow 230lbs. Its not really the number of my weight that got me, it’s the fact that I am saying it clear as day to someone that is not myself. I won’t even let my fiancé see my weight.  But it’s clear that I need a change – I want a change but life can get in the way.  At least that has been my excuse for the past 2 years, even before that.

These are the chronicles of a big girl both actually and physically. These are my thoughts but they are yours too. This is my way of coming to terms and facing the reality of what I want and “finger crossed” achieving my goals.

This is not only my journey its yours too.


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